Sonic Circus Case Study

Sonic Circus is a professional audio equipment distribution, technical design, and support company dealing with recording studios, broadcast studios, live sound companies, and independent engineer/producers. They previously had no responsive, mobile-friendly website. Thus, the user experience for those customers accessing the site from mobile devices was poor and SEO was beginning to suffer across the board. As a result, their user experience had a direct impact on conversion rate and revenue. In order to compete, Sonic Circus needed to get up to speed with current online consumer and digital trends.

Redesign and Launch

Choosing and configuring a responsive web template allowed the site to resize and reformat automatically. Users and shoppers can visit the site and enjoy optimum viewing experience, regardless of device. So, the primary goals of the redesign were:

  • Improve the customer experience on all devices
  • Cut bounce rate
  • Raise average pages per session
  • Raise session duration
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Increase revenue generation
  • Increase Page Speed scores
old sonic circus site
Sonic Circus Home Page

Bringing Mobile Home

Also, with the arrival of Google’s mobile-first index, making the jump to mobile was crucial for the ongoing relevancy of the site. Luckily, WordPress comes responsive and mobile-ready. So, the real test is in finding the right combination of plugins and making certain they have the support of the developer community. Page load speed is king. Since most users will not stay if the page doesn’t load in under 6 seconds, having a cross-platform, cross-device, cross-compatible website was a major priority.

Sonic Circus Responsive Layout

In conclusion, speeding up page load times, adding predictive search, and optimizing images helped contribute to an intuitively navigated site. Visitors are now able to find the products and technical information they are looking for quickly and effectively, and because they are engaging with the site for longer periods of time and viewing more pages, this now leads to an increase in conversions and sales.

Results in the first quarter:

  • Cut bounce rate by 20%
  • Raised Average Pages per Session 20%
  • Average Session Duration up 80%
  • Sessions via Social Referral up 160%
  • Increased the Average Page Speed Score from 30 to 80
  • 100% increase in Facebook likes/follows using industry focused target marketing.
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