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Web Design & Development

Consultation, design, development, production, management, and support for interactive online media and social media.

Branding, SEO, site analysis, requirements gathering, usability design, information architecture, prototyping, UX/UI design, multimedia production and support, live performance, studio musician and voice talent, web development, testing, site implementation. Shyfrog is fully remote and provides local, regional, and international services.

Studio and live media and audio engineering (Pro Tools | Ultimate, Logic Pro), guitar, songwriting, livestreaming, YouTube, social media marketing, web site design and development, branding, audio design consulting, tracking, mixing, mastering, pre-production, voice-overs, video post-production, digital audio.

Shyfrog has been an early adopter/adapter and a Fully Remote Organization (FROG) since 2007. Cross-functional experience in web design, online marketing, social media, e-commerce, culture, trends, branding, interaction, usability, development, analytics, broadcast media, and SEO. Additional experience in the education, finance, entertainment, information technology, & publishing industries.

Additionally, Shyfrog has decades (since 1997) of experience and knowledge in the music industry: performance, songwriting, studio & live sound engineering, promotion, and production.

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Shyfrog can work on a project by project basis with you, and can also be put on a monthly retainer for ongoing maintenance and updates. Please use the contact form here >>

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