Great Barrington Declaration: A Case Study

In early October of 2020, I was tasked with conceptualizing, designing, building & launching the Great Barrington Declaration site for epidemiologists & public health scientists: Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard , Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford, & Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford Medical School.

Within 24 hours of the signing of the declaration, I had the initial site up and running.

Great Barrington Declaration

My expectation was that a simple form and some live updates of signatories would be more than enough to handle what we thought would be a trickle of signatures. I quickly discovered I would have to make major modifications to the site over the next few days. Those few days turned into weeks as co-signers were added and translations into 44 languages rolled in. To make matters worse, the ever ubiquitous trolls of the internet decided to spam the list. This led to building a more robust system with double opt-in and validation of emails.

Since the launch, the flow of traffic has settled down now that most of society has been released from lockdowns and mandates. The number of signatures currently stands at over 939,000. Anyone can sign it and we encourage all supporters of the concept to do so: general and concerned public, medical professionals, and public health scientists.

It is vital to recognize that major institutions, special interests, and well-funded individuals backed the lockdowns, mandates, and other societal and economic harms. The false narrative that “lockdowns worked” must continue to be exposed for the vast collateral damage it has done.

Visit the Great Barrington Declaration site, read the statement, peruse the frequently asked questions, sign the declaration.

An more in-depth account of my contribution can be read at Brownstone Institute: My Role in the Fight Against Mandates and Lockdowns